Jinghao Men

About Me

I have been a PhD student in Virology at Harvard Medical School since September 2020. Before that, I pursued my undergraduate studies at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge from October 2017 to June 2020, majoring in Pathology under the Natural Sciences Tripos.

Contact Details

You can email me at jmen@fas.harvard.edu.

You are welcomed to visit my Google Scholar page and ResearchGate site.

Cambridge Economics Notes

I am working on several economics courses for interest, and took (and reorganised) notes of them based on the lecture materials at Cambridge. They can be accessed via this link.

Trinvolutionist Summer School 2020

I organised a free online summer school program with my friends Jialun He(SUNY Stony Brook), Yuxiao Liu(Oxford), Daining Xiao(Cambridge), Zihan Yan(Cambridge), and Le Yin(Imperial College London) (alphabetical order) in 2020. This summer school consists mainly of courses in mathematics and physics.

Video archive of the courses in this summer school can be found here. (Website in Chinese)

My Research


I'm currently rotating in Prof. Stephen C. Harrison's lab at Harvard, working on a structural project on anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses after vaccination, in Spring 2021.

I did a project on investigating the role of filamins in innate immune signaling and during Vaccinia Virus (VACV) infection under supervision of Prof. Geoffrey L. Smith and Dr. Iliana Georgana for my Part II thesis research at Cambridge. A project report can be accessed here.


I did a rotation project on profiling cytokines responses in macaques infected with SARS-CoV-2 with comparative seromics, in Fall 2020 under supervision of Prof. Dan H. Barouch and Dr. Malika Boudries-Aid in BIDMC, Harvard Medical School.

I undertook a summer internship project at EMBL-EBI in Summer 2019 in the BioModels team, mainly focusing on the targeted curation of immuno-oncological mathematical biology models. My report can be accessed here.

I also uploaded 2 Model of the Month entries:

BIOMD0000000711 (Hancioglu2007) - Human Immune Response to Influenza A Virus Infection. link

BIOMD0000000373 (Bertram2004) - Pancreatic Beta Cell. link



1. Tiwari K., Kananathan S., Roberts M.G., Meyer J.P., Shohan M.U.S., Xavier A., Maire M., Zyoud A., Men J., Ng S., Nguyen T.V.N., Hermjakob H., Sheriff R.S.M.(2020) Reproducibility in systems biology modelling. Molecular systems biology: 17(2) e9982. PMID: 33620773 (PMCID: PMC7901289, DOI: 10.15252/msb.20209982). Download


1. Sheriff R.S.M., Glont M., Nguyen T. V. N., Tiwari K., Roberts M. G., Xavier A., Vu M. T., Men J., Maire M., Kananathan S., Fairbanks E. L., Meyer J. P., Arankalle C., Varusai T. M., Knight-Schrijver V., Li L., Dueñas-Roca C., Dass G., Keating S. M., Park Y. M., Buso N., Rodriguez N., Hucka M., Hermjakob H.(2019) BioModels—15 years of sharing computational models in life science. Nucleic Acids Research 48: DI 407-415. PMID: 31701150 (PMCID: PMC7145643, DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkz1055). Download

Miscellaneous Work

I am currently producing a research proposal on functional studies regarding dendritic cells (DC) in HSV-mediated oncolytic virotherapies.

I am translating a publication (A2 Physics Handbook) authored by my classmate Zihan Yan.

Course List

Fall 2020

VIR200: Introduction to Virology; IMM201: Advanced Topics in Immunology; BCMP200: Principles of Molecular Biology;

VIR300R: Introduction to Research

Spring 2021

VIR201: Virology; BCMP234: Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease; BCMP250: Biophysical and Biochemical Mechanisms of Protein Function; STAT171: Introduction to Stochastic Proccesses;

VIR300R: Introduction to Research; VIR301QC: Advanced Topics in Virology: Viral Oncology

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